Senbo returns from successful artist residency

TLS designer Senbo Yang participated in I-Park Foundation Artist-in-Residence Program on August 2017 and achieved significant recognition with a nomadic art installation DRIFTING.

As a landscape designer and interdisciplinary artist, Senbo is specialized in fusing conceptual thinking with the craft of artistic making. Among over 600 applicants, Senbo is the only landscape architect candidate accepted in I-Park 2017 general residency program. His training at the Rhode Island School of Design helped him to  observe and transform the 480-acre campus into an art piece that explores inner peace in unsettled situations.

“I feel at home everywhere because I am at home nowhere”. DRIFTING is an attempt to visualize the feelings one goes through during times of transition. For Senbo, the idea of a bed with white sheets is representative of a safe place. As an international student, Senbo has moved between spaces for many years. Though the cities and places change, what remains constant during his moves is his bedroom. Often furnished with the iconic and almost trope-like IKEA bed and a set of white sheets. Through mixed media of video and photography, Senbo creates scenarios that are startling and calming at the same time, capturing the juxtaposition of calmness and restlessness that occur during states of fluctuation.

“I go out to the nature, assemble my bed, see how it fits in and changes the space, then take it apart and repeat.” Senbo also defines the project as a landscape design. “ The bed gives a whole new perspective for viewing the landscape. It becomes a register of natural phenomena. Light and shadow, cloud and rain, wind and fog, they all become tangible with the bed siting in.” Senbo also described his work a work of per-formative art. “ I am actually a drifter with a bed. It is a process of self-exploration of what it means to be moving, a performance to myself to achieve self-poise in unsettled situations.”


Senbo has returned to TLS after his successful journey in the Artist-in-residence Program. Being our project designer and in-house artist, he will continue his exploration of relationships between craft and conceptual design; local culture and public realm; fine art and landscape architecture.


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