Suzhou Grand Canal Waterfront

Suzhou, China

Suzhou Grand Canal Waterfront

TLS is working with the Suzhou Hi Tech District and the City of Suzhou to design and build 8 kilometers of the ancient Grand Canal. The Grand Canal, connecting Beijing in the north and Hangzhou in the south, is both the longest and oldest canal in the world, dating back to 500 BC. For the section passing through Suzhou, much of the work concerns recovering its long and colorful history as a primary thoroughfare of commerce and culture. Suzhou plans to make this waterfront serve as both a living history and a key amenity for urban development. This stretch of the canal passes through various districts and conditions varying from high density city center spaces and bridges to cultural and entertainment zones to recreation and swimming / diving, to community parks and ecological / hydrological renewal.


287 acres


Suzhou Hi Tech District