Shanghai Sanlin Eco Valley

Shanghai Sanlin Eco Valley

This new 200 hectare urban park is part of a key civic initiative encircling the city to create major “Green Lungs” and combat the effects of global warming in a city of 24 million with exploding urban density. The park is anchored on the Huangpu waterfront (New Bund) with a great festival plaza and landmark arch framing views into the park and a new mountain overlook containing an art museum. The park is about “working the land” and is energized by weaving together diverse strands of Sanlin culture – symbolized by the local “drunken lion dance”. The park is given life by a constantly varying topography of hills and valleys utilizing harvested rubble and fill from on-site urban demolition and housing and underground garage construction.

This shifting topography organizes site hydrology and allows for the greatest degree of biodiversity and multiple ecosystem cultivation including Cypress bogs, aquatic gardens, emergent wetlands, lowland meadows, and vast upland forests. Much of the park is covered in this dense native forest which frames a series of “valleys” each with a programmatic focus including urban sports, sustainable farming with rustic lodge, sculpture park, children’s ecological learning center, and wind harvesting.


Shanghai Sanlin Bund Ecological Park International Competition First Prize


241 hectare


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