TLS team “Common Ground” selected for Resilient by Design Challenge

After receiving 51 submissions and undergoing an extensive jury process, Resilient by Design are thrilled to announce the 10 winning Design Teams who will participate in the Bay Area Challenge. This Design Team cohort includes designers, urban planners, architects, engineers, and other resilience experts with local, regional, national, and international expertise.

TLS Common Ground team has a foundational understanding of the Bay Estuary environmental gradients, expertise in urban infrastructure strategies for climate change and coastal adaption, on building socially responsive architecture engendered with authentic community development, economic strategies that engage open space, and a unique scientific and artistic understanding for incrementally making landscapes more legible. It is a collective ethos of practical futurism.  Our approach explores the Pacific-Specific, dual dynamic of flooding through incremental sea level rise and the instantaneous seismic risk of these same lands.  Titled Common Ground, we investigate the incremental and instantaneous dynamics of the Bay Area Shoreline through both a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

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