Guangzhou US Consulate

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou US Consulate

At the center of a district packed with high rises and all the symptoms of overnight urbanization, the State Department is building a very low rise consulate that will sit in a heavily planted landscape park. The land is subject to torrential rains and was previously cultivated in rice. Using the same devices of carefully managed water levels and stone weirs the result in this case is to cultivate water iris massing within biofiltration basins edged with cut stone walls. Native grasses, colorful plants, and forest trees fill every available square meter of available land (and mask building defense and blast protection), producing an urban farm devoted to flood management reducing heat. A major plaza for the long lines of Chinese and Americans using the facility provides shaded Terminalia groves worked into a “bar code” carpet of native brick, stone, and wood patterns.




25 acres


$4 million


U.S. State Department