Hangzhou CBD

Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou CBD

Working with SOM San Francisco, TLS is designing urban opens spaces for a city block sized private development with 5 levels of retail, an office / residential tower, and Jumeirah Hotel. The 6 star hotel has its important lobby level amenities at the 6th floor. In a city famous for the natural beauty and poetic heritage of its West Lake, TLS proposes a 5 acre “East Lake” perched provocatively on the 5 level retail base. This mirror-like surface has extensive infinity edges to intersperse lotus and majestic gnarled pines in planters “cut” into the glassy plane of water. Walkways and patios set below the water level, allow visitors to relax seemingly within the water itself. East Lake serves as a totally unexpected ocean of beauty, reflection, and luxuriant repose for those within a series of dining and entertainment pavilions positioned along its edges.




5 acres


$21 million


Gold Tak Land Holdings