Lion Mountain Park

Suzhou, China

Lion Mountain Park

Dramatic Lion Mountain in Suzhou is a great historical and natural feature that has been handed down over the years. In ancient times, poetry relating to “18 Scenes” was carved into stone along its steep trails. Recently, its surroundings have become less than flattering with a run-down amusement park at is base around a small lake dwarfed by roller coasters, attractions, and an aerial tram up the mountain face. Large signs and advertisements are plastered to its face. TLS has been engaged to restore the greatness of Lion Mountain and create a new lake, park, and district that honors this great landmark.


Key to the transformation is the major expansion and development of the lake as a beautiful and ecologically diverse complement to the mountain. The lake is also the new home of a thriving recreational boating program that creates a healthy and sociable replacement for the amusement park.


A great circular promenade, 2 kilometers in length embraces both mountain and lake with a social  and poetic program that links daily life together with 18 new “scenes”. These new features flip back and forth across the promenade, creating “wobbles” that respond to local conditions and access points.


This new three part ensemble establishes an identity both well-known from the past and looking toward the future.


180 acres


Under construction, Phase I Museum Area completed in 2022