Baiyangdian Waterfront

Baiyangdian Waterfront

Design Vision:

Design is inspired by the original landscape pattern of ‘Lotus Pond-Reed Sea’, to interpret the past and present of ‘Baiyangdian Levees and Marina.’


Accumulation of 10,000 years: Baiyangdian history originated 10,000 years ago in the Neolithic period, slowly long river through the “nine rivers into the sediment, the Great Wall on the water, the Luling Revolutionary Army, moved village into the sediment, water activities” and other historical nodes, so far, since the establishment of the new area, Baiyangdian launched a series of water environmental management, according to the plan, the new marina and the corresponding supporting service facilities northward, Baiyangdian marina gradually to the city waterfront ecological green space and public open space, as well as the ecological embankment around the starting area of important public services, popular science and culture node conversion.


Beginning of the new 1000 years: the future Baiyangdian Marina will become the starting point of the Xiong’an New Area, heading for the “City of the Millennium”. Build a unique collection of the future Baiyangdian that integrates nature, ecology, humanity, and activities.


Design Intention:

Keeping up with the pulse of the times and furthering the implementation of the planning outline of the Xiong’an New Area. Insisting on ecological priority, the water forest field grass as a community of life for unified protection and unified restoration. Shaping the Chinese style, the scenery of the Baiyangdian lake, innovative fashion of the cityscape. The project view should be harmonious, blue and green are interweaved, highlighting the scenery of the lake.


Memory – To regain the natural features of Baiyangdian Lake,” the “Lotus Pond-Reed Sea”


History – Evokes the past life of Baiyangdian Marina and shows the historical accumulation of 10,000 years


Culture – Reinventing the cultural activities in Baiyangdian Area and the humanistic life of people in The District including eco science and technology exhibition center, commercial service plaza, integrated areas.


Xiong’an, China


2.3square kilometer, Phase I construction:31.95HA ( Land Area: 16.33HA, Water Area:15.62 HA)


Waterfront, Public Park


Administration Committee for the Xiongan New Area