Jingzhang Railway Heritage Park

Beijing, China

Jingzhang Railway Heritage Park

In April 2020, after the review of experts and public selection, the TLS design scheme “Jingzhang Moving Line” was selected as one of the overall conceptual design winners, and won the selection of node 1 and node 2 detailed concept design, winning three major awards.


Overall Idea
TLS suggests the Jingzhang Railroad park will be connected by eight moving lines to form a green axis connecting the city and the park. It endows the world-class science, education and innovation center with strong momentum. With the flexibility of the line, the park revitalizes the surrounding city, breaks the invisible barrier, and rebuilds the close relationship between people.


Eight Moving Lines
As the Jingzhang railway speeds up the connection, the eight moving lines in Jingzhang Railway park will open up the metropolitan area and further build connections between people including the Jingzhang Line, High-speed railway line, No. 13 Subway Line, Bike line, Pedestrian line, Sound line, Art line and Rain line.


Jingzhang Line: Going through the cultural heritage belt of the century long Jingzhang Railway, restoring railway heritages, driving the smart mobile boxes and lighting up the technological innovation.


HSR Line: Experiencing the dynamic aesthetics of high-speed rail and combining HSR ventilation shafts with sound and light interactive installations.


No.13 Subway Line: Proving TOD urban rhythm and designing elevated subway park.


Bike Line: 9 km of bike lines are connected in series to link the green belt to “Three mountains and five royal gardens in Beijing” to create an hour-long biking activity.


Pedestrian Line: Linking the north and south of the city, activating the east and west to provide people’s life cycle and create a convenient one-kilometer home route.


Sound Line: Listening to the sound ma of Jingzhang History, and using the navigation system of Jingzhang radio station as the carrier to restore the sound of railway broadcasting, train sound, Yongle temple bells and etc.


Art Line: A public art living room showing the theme of railway, letting the industrial site passionate with the avantgarde art.


Rain Line: A moist green corridor connects three mountains and five royal gardens to form an elastic rainwater flood zone.


Jingzhang Railway Park is interwoven and interconnected with eight moving lines, connecting the four zones: Commercial Gateway Zone, Life and Culture Zone, Education and creative Zone, Nature and Ecology Zone


Beijing Jingzhang Railway Park International Competition Winner for the overall concept design and detailed concept design of Node 1 & 2


Beijing, China


330 hectare acres


Beijing Haidian District Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources