Hangzhou Steelworks Park

Winner of 2024 WLA Award of Excellence

Hangzhou Steelworks Park

The park is proposed on the site a former Hanggang Steelworks which was finally shut down a few years ago. TLS proposes a studio-like re-inhabitation of the many structures and equipment with new programs strongly relating to the original uses and the emergence of new nature on the site – an idea of “Tender and Tough”. The new park will become a center for the fabrication of art and production of cultural activities including creative events similar to “Burning Man”, art installations, music and dance performance, and dramatic productions. Everything will be infused with an energy and “edge” inspired by the industrial character, the symbolic and actual fires of steel furnaces. The extended program draws on this idea into art galleries, creative businesses and a gaming campus. These will also be served by boutique hotel of special character and large open market. New forests and the rehabilitation of a small mountain extend the tender idea of nature and ecology in balance with the toughness of creative production. The beginning of construction is anticipated by the end of 2020.


Hangzhou, China


44.3 HA


Public Park; Brownfield


TLS Landscape Architecture + Jiakun Architecture


Hangzhou Canal Comprehensive Protect Development Construction Group Co., Ltd.


Winner of 2024 WLA Award of Excellence

International Competition First Prize