KQED echoes Common Ground’s vision for North Bay’s Highway 37: It is Going to Be a Serious Climate Mess

KQED describes the state of SR37 , current efforts after a recent levee breach during heavy rains this year. Listen to the holistic interview talking to policy makers, stakeholders, research groups and designers as they talk about their approach to this vulnerable lifeline of North Bay.  As part of Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge,  TLS Landscape Architecture led the Common Ground Team and presented a vision for a “Grand Bayway”  last year on May 17th. The proposal looks at a resilient future for flood-threatened and congested State Route 37 connecting the northern edge of San Francisco Bay as well as adjacent tidal complexes and restored marshes. The result would be a new Ecological Central Park larger than San Francisco.The Project now is preparing to move ahead and scoping the next steps with support form regional government agencies and SR37 Policy Committee.

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