4月26日上午,以“公园城市 美好人居”为主题的2024年成都世界园艺博览会在成都开幕。TLS创始人Tom Leader先生受邀参加开幕式,并带领设计团队一同参观TLS建成的装置作品“空心竹灯LANTERN”展园

On April 26, the 2024 Chengdu International Horticultural Expo with the theme of “Better Living in Park City” opened in Chengdu. TLS founder Mr. Tom Leader was invited to attend the opening ceremony and led the design team to visit the installation “Hollow Bamboo LANTERN” exhibition garden built by TLS.




Hollow bamboo , as humble as bamboo. The garden is like a maze, hoping to attract visitors to explore the depths, and everyone can have their own feelings and fun during the tour. Let’s feel the live news from the designers!

在现场,游人在层层叠叠的竹灯中穿梭,与展园共同构成了一幅有趣的装置布景。“I can see you, but I can’t meet you” ——来自现场的一位国际友人的描述,让我们看到装置景观也可以很有趣。

At the site, visitors shuttle through the layers of bamboo lamps, which together with the exhibition garden constitute an interesting installation scenery. “I can see you, but I can’t meet you” – the description of an international friend from the scene, let us see that the installation landscape can also be interesting.



We will learn from the hollow bamboo lamp, keep a humble heart, and continue to explore and innovate. The Lantern is waiting for you at the Chengdu Expo