Green Ring Campus is invited to Shanghai New City Design Exhibition

TLS was honored to be invited to participate in the “2022 Shanghai New City Design Exhibition”, which was held at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall on October 12th. This exhibition was open to the public and introduced Shanghai’s new city strategy. TLS presented a graphic introduction and a planning model of the “Green Ring Campus”, a green ring design for Jiading New City. The exhibition included both public participation and academic forums. With the theme of “Design Empowerment, City of the Future,” the exhibition focused on the future spatial development strategy of Shanghai’s five new cities, including their overall strategic planning, urban design, public building design, and the Green Ring design of each new city -a vital green space located at the intersection of urban and rural areas. The Green Ring is the key to the sustainable development of new cities, and TLS’s Green Ring Campus proposal responds to the aspirations for the future Shanghai.


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