Korea 50: Korea Remade

Jiawen Chen’s work Korea 50: Korea Remade is on view at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in the Designing Peace exhibition through September 2023.

Korea 50: Korea Remade

Korea Remade explores alternative futures for a reunified Korean Peninsula through landscape design by providing social, economic, and cultural opportunities for Korean citizens.

The Korea 50 Tourism Project is aimed to fund and support the long-term and expensive landmine clearance in this exclusive post-war condition. In the trip, you will find the unique geology and ecology of DMZ, the war remnants, and the memories of the Korean War and post-war period. Hope the trip could demonstrate the consequences and toll of immoral, inhuman, and destructive actions, and the histories would be remembered and contemplated. All the revenue from the Korea 50 project will be used in demining DMZ, and finally get the land prepared for other developments and programs. Ideally, it could be accomplished in 50 years, then the tourism locations will be transferred to historical and educational sites.

Designing Peace

What would be possible if we were to design for peace?

Designing Peace explores the unique role design can play in pursuing peace. Visitors will encounter a wide range of design responses from around the world that look at ways to create and sustain a more durable peace, and will be encouraged to consider their own agency in designing peace through interactive installations, quiet moments of reflection, and opportunities for practical action. The exhibition features 40 projects from 25 countries.

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